Why I Still Wear Mechanical Watches but Smartwatches Are a Thing

Technology has come a long way. Back then, I used to rely on a bulky desktop computer with an equally bulky CRT monitor. Then, I transitioned to a laptop a couple of years after and then I switched to a smartphone in the early 201x.
Since smartphones have provided me with such a convenience in that it is basically a small computer, I can check my email and also engage in my socials quite easily.

Smartphones come with different sensors and trackers in that you can actually count how many steps you’ve done so far during the day. However, it is pretty clunky to use such a bulky device for such a purpose.
That is why Apple, the company that started the whole smartphone revolution, was also the first company to release a highly-advanced smartwatch that is pretty much considered an extension of a smartphone.
Despite the many features that smartwatches can bring, I would still prefer wearing a mechanical watch more than those new-age devices. Why? If you want to know, do read the rest of the article to find out.

The Advantages of a Smartwatch

Now, despite the fact that I always wear a mechanical watch, smartwatches do have a lot of potentials and I believe that they are only going to improve as the years pass. That being said, here are some of the advantages of using a smartwatch:

  • Minimizes Distractions

Sure, you can interact with your social media accounts, check your email, and even make a call on a smartwatch, but because of the smaller display, it might not be the ideal if you are going to use it similar to how you use your smartphone.
It is for that fact that using a smartwatch can help get your mind off of any distraction that using a smartphone can bring.

  • Provides Useful Data

A smartwatch comes with so many different sensors and because of that, it can help track important health information that can be relayed to your smartphone for data collection.
For instance, I was a heavy drinker back in the day and I’ve utilized a smartwatch’s heart rate monitor to help me monitor my heart’s beating. Sure enough, every time I get drunk, my heart rate was higher than my average and it did help me minimize my alcohol consumption since then.

  • An Extension of Your Phone

Need I say more?

Why I Still Wear a Mechanical Watch

Sure, smartwatches come with a lot of different useful features, but it also has its downsides, mainly its battery and its privacy concerns.
That being said, I am always rocking a mechanical watch because it is more stylish, doesn’t require a battery to operate, and has more horological value than the new-age smartwatch.
Still, I would definitely use a smartwatch is all of its shortcomings could be improved tremendously. In the meantime, I will enjoy my Patek Philippe mechanical watch for the time being.