Look for the best web hosting companies in Malaysia if you want your business to thrive online. You probably know by now that purchasing a website hosting package is not easy. It can be a bit complicated, most especially for beginners.

There are four kinds of paid web hosting services many companies offer. Learn more about them below.

1.Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting pertains to a specific service wherein clients can lease an entire server for themselves. They can gain full access to all of the resources by just paying for it. It’s possible to host multiple websites on it. Do you own a website with lots of traffic? Then, this option might be the one for you, since you would be needing plenty of disk space. This option can be more expensive, but it’s definitely worth the money.

2.Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular choice. Several go for this one because it offers the most affordable packages. In this kind of setup, you will share a server with many other people under the same hosting provider. The website host manages the server, yet you can also manage it on your own through the control panel. If you are just starting your website, this is a good deal for you.

3.VPS, or Virtual Private Server

A VPS is a particular a virtual machine sold by an internet hosting service. This virtual private server runs its very own version of an operating system. Customers have access to this, and can install almost any kind of software that can run on that operating system.

4.Co-Location Hosting

Co-Location Hosting where another individual holds the specific server hardware that you have provided, and gives it internet access. This person would place it in a secure area developed with regular power, secure cabinet, support, security and internet connection. These kinds of co-location facilities provide customers a secure place to house their hardware physically.

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