• Chatbots evolve

This 2019, chatbots will officially move towards the spotlight. Expect to see more and more of this on web pages. It comes with a high level of customization, as well as bright colors.

  • More Video Content

Video content is nothing new, but it will continue to mesmerize audiences this year. At this day and age, watching a short video is even better than a reading huge blocks of text.

  • Minimalism

Minimalism is a timeless website design trend. The simpler the layout, the better. There are no distracting typography and other elements. Your readers can jump right to your content.

  • Thumb-Friendly Navigation

If you really want to improve your online presence, your website design should be thumb friendly and responsive. At some point, users will encounter features tailored to the thumb, so you should address it as early as you can.

  • Diversity

This 2019, website designers would make much greater leaps towards inclusiveness. Incorporate diverse imagery your pages. Use your craft to demonstrate the personalities of real people. Eventually, through this, you will be able to establish real connections.

  • Serifs on Screen

The serif style is often associated with the past. But, it doesn’t mean that you cant use it anymore. Serifs actually have tons of character and are very adaptable.

  • Black and White Palettes

Color is one of the most crucial aspects of a website. This 2019, black and white themes would dominate the digital landscape. If you want to further grow your brand, check if this palette is for you. It can help you make impressive statements.

  • Organic, Natural Shapes

Natural, organic shapes are all about comfort. We love using geometric structures like rectangles, triangles and squares, but this 2019, the trend is more focused on comfort and accessibility.

  • Glitch art

We are embracing the technology 2019 brings. It’s lovely thriving in a futuristic world, but we are not really sure where we are heading. Glitch art highlights this feeling by giving websites a unique, psychedelic appearance.

  • Micro-interactions

Micro-interactions surprise users, and encourages them to take crucial actions. 2019 will witness more websites with interactive incarnations, from chimes to scrolling animations.

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