In many ways, top web hosting companies think about improving the performance of your website as it improves both common users’ and SEO’s experience. In reality, saving the environment is a lesser known advantage of a fast light website.

Internet’s Energy Cost

Data centers reflect an increasing amount of power consumption. Servers produce a great deal of heat, which must be dissipated, or overheated and decomposed. Due to the cooling needed for servers to run at optimal temperature, a data center uses so much power. In terms of CO2 emissions, data centers now outstrip the aviation industry.

Some technological leaders, including Google and Apple, were proud to say that they now have 100% renewable energy capacity–primarily through the acquisition of carbon credits, and renewable energy from solar and wind farms worldwide. It is somewhat problematic to simply buy offset carbon credits because the real impacts aren’t discussed, but it’s safer than that. This is therefore a good beginning, but there is a lot of pollution (although offset) and huge energy demands from data centers and the whole technology industry.

Locations like Iceland are a common global provider data center venue. Naturally lower temperatures and inexpensive production of geothermal energy render data centers more comfortable and less costly and their geographical position is also convenient between Europe and North America. Our web hosting customers are unfortunately in Southeast Asia and here is dry, so we need to look at other solutions.

It’s not only data centers, but also consumer devices that consume a lot of energy. Both our iphones, tablets and laptops also use precious metals and a large quantity of energy resources for just a few years, for many machines to be outdated. As the Web is expanding, its energy consumption is growing at an alarming rate–even our light bulbs are now linked to Wi-Fi (although it’s extremely energy-efficient LED bulbs).

Web’s Energy Costs and its Performance

Most website owners are looking to boost their SEO scores on their Domain. It should not be the main objective, though supporting. The main aim is to offer the guests a quicker position that leads to a lower level of bounce and a higher commitment. There is no point in getting users to load a website if they don’t even hang around. Further dedicated tourists indicate you have more profits.

Yet quicker websites load have another advantage-a global advantage. If your site loads more easily, the hosting servers, your Internet connection and your device’s battery life are also less needed. This growing energy demands throughout the chain. If each of our clients had a highly optimized website, it would require just half of the number of servers we are running today. Often, instead of hungry CMS, all you need is static HTML, so save the book and keep your code lighter.

While it is possible that your main objective is to save the world, there are many legitimate reasons to look after the output of the website. Through setting up folder, improving image data or recruiting our web development specialists, you will start making changes instantly. It could be as simple as switching to a faster hosting provider in the same geographic region as your user base, or if you already host with us we can help optimise and streamline your website for faster page loading times.

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