Creativity is subjective, but it is a necessary component, especially if you are in the entertainment industry. Online casinos would usually showcase games that are quite vivid and imaginative so that it will entice players to keep on playing.

This article will serve as an appreciation to those online casino game developers who’ve used creativity as a means of bettering our casino gaming experience.


When you play a typical slot machine inside a land-based casino, you would typically find only 3-reel slot machines because that is always the original configuration. There is no problem with it really only that it doesn’t really provide you with anything exciting.

Sure, there are different paylines and even different configurations, but wouldn’t it be so much better and exhilarating if you’ve got so many combinations to choose from?

Online video slot machines typically have 5 reels instead of 3 and it provides a much better gaming experience. The fact that you have 5 reels instantly improves your chances of winning it big. Plus, the bonuses are also huge as well.


One of the most important things that online casino game developers implement in their games is the fact that most of them are themed. Do you want to play as Mike Tyson while you are playing the roulette? You can actually do that! How about playing alongside Sponge Bob while you are feeling that you are under the sea? You can
experience that as well!

Themed online casino games are pretty nice because you are going to play with a dose of nostalgia. That is because most of the themes that these developers use are those that are quite popular before.

This entire creative movement started when IGT, the main developers of online slot machines, have implemented certain themes on their games which prompted this entire revolution. Nowadays, you can also see themes in online table games as well.

NetEnt and Microgaming are two of the entities that have followed suit and they, too, have created their own games that have a certain set of themes.

Themes can range anywhere from iconic shows and franchises to popular cartoon characters from the past.

What’s more, these themed games have new names for certain terms in the game. For instance, in the Mike Tyson Roulette game, the ‘knockout’ is a term used to refer to the game’s side bets feature.


Another creative touch that game developers add to their games is the music. Every time you play your favorite casino game, it is always accompanied by some music playing in the background. If you are playing one of those themed games, the music that is played is also one that ties to the theme that was used.

There are some games that would provide you with certain bonuses depending on the game that is played at that time. For instance, if you play the Jimi Hendrix Roulette and, say, Purple Rain is playing, you will receive ample bonuses as a result. So keep playing!

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