Getting high number of views for a blogger is just like a dream come true. This is because having high views means you are being rank high in the search engine result as you are receiving high number of searches.

For a blogger beginners, here are the tips that had been practiced by the seo specialist to receive high rank and getting high number of searches:

How to Rank for Blogspot1. Gather ideas from your competitors.

Fresh, new ideas often come from old, existing ones. In order to know which subjects to innovate, look at how your competitors produce content. Look at their websites, and get content and keyword ideas from them. You can do this conveniently by using Ahrefs, or any other backlink analyzing tool.

2. Determine weaknesses.

Study the search engine results pages. Look for weaknesses on a qualitative basis. Learn from them. It’s very easy to remove keyword targets using traditional quantitative metrics, though sometimes, they can also lead you on a different matter.

3. Produce something different.

This step should be a part of every search engine optimization content guide. If you want to improve your online presence, you must focus on being different, rather than being better. Set yourself apart from the competition.

4. Build for CTR.

SEO professionals don’t always organize content for click-through rate. Also, they don’t normally depend on metrics when it comes to keyword targeting decisions.

Why not structure your web page for maximum CTR? Contemplate on your insights and data. Take note that ranking based on navigational keywords can produce low click-through rates, as compared to other kinds of intent.

How to Rank for Blogspot5. Use the anchor text hack.

Users need to be very selective with their anchor text choices. If you can learn more about anchor text. Your patience and efforts can soon get you to the first page of search engine results.

If you’re lucky and hardworking enough, you wouldn’t even need backlinks.

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