Are you thinking of shopping for a new baby carrier in Malaysia? New baby carriers and baby sleep products are getting introduced in the market on a regular basis. When it comes to baby sleeping products, it’s best to start with research and effective advice from professionals, Remember, the safest environment for an infant to sleep in must have a flat, firm surface with a comfortable, waterproof cover. The sleeping surface must be undamaged, and in great condition at all times.

Some baby essentials you need

You don’t need to buy tons of baby products, or spend a big amount of money baby shopping. Below are some of the most highly recommended items:

  • Sleeping sheets or bag, and a blanket
  • Room thermometer
  • Car seat
  • Moses basket, or cot
  • Portable sleep space like a carry cot, Moses basket or travel cot
  • Mattress

Baby products you shouldn’t buy

  • duvets, pillows or thick heavy bedding
  • cot bumpers
  • hammocks
  • sleep positioners
  • nests or pods

Make sure that the baby product has passed all safety tests.

Parents are highly encouraged to ensure that any baby product they purchase pass industry standards, specifically when purchasing items online. An industry standard doesn’t meant that that particular product helps lessen chances of SIDS. It just guarantees a specific level of general safety.

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