Nowadays, almost all businesses use social media platform to their advantage. It is not just a great platform to grow but also to generate sales and get more loyal customers. For you to succeed in this new form of marketing, small businesses have to know the basics first. Here are the basic ones you need to learn about if you own a small business:

1.Plan your strategies ahead of time.

You will not be able to know your campaign goals as well as track your activity without knowing your strategies. By that, you can make your job easier with the help of social media scheduling tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite. When creating a campaign, ensure that each of them is clearly in line with your objectives. Every move you make, right from getting more email subscribers down to hard selling should be based on your goals.

2.Build your brand then create engagement before selling.

The best thing about social media is that it gives you a better access to a wider audience. However, it should not be a reason to just sell upfront and talk about your brand. Rather than focusing on hard selling, build a relationship with your audience by reaching out to them.

3.Think long-term.

At a time when everything is instant, you might lose your patience when things are not going according to plan. But do not forget that in every form of marketing, you need to make strategies that will work for a long span of time. Do not give up too easily. Before you see any progress, you will first go through challenges. You have to remain active on social media while ensuring the quality of your content.

4.Be consistent with your voice in all platforms.

Your voice can be your asset. You can use it to make people love you. Wendy’s, for instance, is known for their consistent voice on Twitter. Their strategy is actually effective and keeps them from posting blatant ads on their leading platforms. Authenticity is very important among consumers and that means you have to let your personality show.

5.Use data analytics to your advantage.

Almost all social media platforms already have this feature for pages. Once you already have the data, analyze it by checking what aspect you need to improve. You do not really need to spend hours analyzing all those figures. A 10-minute period will be enough to look at those results. Instagram has an insights feature while Twitter has analytics and Facebook will show you the reach statistics of your page.

As you can see, social media is not really intimidating at all. As long as you have an idea about the basic techniques in utilizing it, it will not be hard to come up with plans that work. Just remember that it is a continuous learning process and there are things you will eventually know as you go along the way. Knowing the basics is the first step to mastering it.

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