There are tons of baby bibs in Malaysia you can choose from, but don’t just pick one kind that you can use during feeding sessions. If your children love doing arts and crafts, putting on baby bibs before all the artwork can keep them clean and neat. You can also use it as part of the work surface to make it less slippery for them.

2.Car Seat Saver

A dribble bib is your friend during family trips. We love giving our kids some snacks that they would enjoy during commutes. You can put the baby bandana bib on the seat or tray to protect surfaces from possible spills. Place the bib around the edges to capture all the spilled food. Since bibs are small, and very easy to wash, cleaning up is fast and convenient.

3.Place Mats

Dribble bibs can also function as place mats. Feel free to take one with you wherever you and your baby goes, whether you are visiting family and friends out of town, or going on a quick trip to the restaurant, you can use bandana bibs to protect your child.


Bibs can also serve as napkins. Sometimes, the one given at restaurants are not enough to address all the mess. Use a baby bib to clean up, and lessen the debris your kid makes each meal. After using the bibs, you can just tuck them inside the diaper bag, and wash them later on.

5.Breastfeeding Drapes

Are you breastfeeding, and at the same time feeding your kid formula milk? Bandana-style baby bibs can function as a discreet shield when breastfeeding in public.

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