Recognition of bias

2019 will see lots of professionals designing for inclusivity. More and more attention will be given on systematic biases in algorithms. For instance, if your website design is filled with dark patterns, you can get data in a way that it reinforces erroneous results.

Purposeful storytelling

Step up your storytelling game, and let it influence your endeavors in technology and science. This 2019, you need to turn to the traditional form of storytelling in order to connect more with your audience.

Ambient design

This year, we will see more websites with ambient aspects. Many of these will come from all the changes in tech capabilities.

Freeform design

More and more web designers would move away from front-end framework aesthetics towards a more freeform style. The best thing about this that they are accessible and fast.

The design of value

The game of digital product design equates to the design of value. This is actually the toughest aspect of digital design, since it requires operating from principles first, instead of reasoning by analogy.

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